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I have been taking my car there for years. They knew me by name the second time I came in and remembered who had recommended me. They are almost always running an oil change deal. They are quick and always friendly. I highly recommend them for anyone even close to the White Settlement area.


EXTREMELY fair. Came by to have my car checked out... was suffering from overheating problems... A/C didn't work... windshield wiper fluid didn't work.... and the car was constantly overheating and completely undrivable.... Took it to Firestone. They gave me a $1600 quote to fix my $1400 car. So I came to this place by suggestion of my Father who has been using them for years... and an hour of waiting in the lobby (they were busy) enjoying some free soda's and watching some Jim Carrey movie I forget which... and Russel comes out and says "Well your engines overheating because the fan motors out, the windshield wiper fluid wont come on due to the motor being broken, here's the estimated cost ($180) and for labor he charged $20 on top of the initial inspection (I think like 49.95 to have it looked at). So I asked him point blank.... If I give you this $250 will my car run? He said yes. So he orders a part... it takes around 3 hours to get the part there.... apparently the wrong part was brought to them so they had to resend for it. After 3 hours of... sadly watching the same movie twice.... but still enjoying free sodas and a purchased ice cream.... he drives my car around. I pay the bill, and go out to drive it. It ran great, no overheating.... Now here's the kickers... and these are the reasons you should bring your car to Russel.... I turned the windshield wiper fluid on... and it worked... granted the wiper fluid was years old and filthy because it hadn't been used in forever... it still shot out and did it's job. I was very happy to see this. The next day .... I turn on my A/C expecting a normal fan to blow without cold air.... and BAM! cold air hits my face. I am shocked since I was quoted a price without having the A/C repaired. So I drive back to the shop and I ask Russel why he didn't charge me for the A/C repair. And this is what he said.... "I put an air compressor hose against your A/C and blew out tons of grime and dirt and now it's good as new." Russel WANTS to fix your car. Firestone WANTS to take your money. Firestone was ready to charge me $800 to fix my A/C. Russel did it without even telling me about it on my receipt because it was such a simple job he did it for free. The next time your car is having problems... take it to Russel. I guarantee he will diagnose it properly and find the best way to fix the problem ON YOUR BUDGET! He knew I was hurting for cash and found the cheapest method to properly fix my problem. I have been taking my cars to him ever since, and I would recommend him to ANYONE!

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